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Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their business excellence plan, in accordance with their goals of strategic valuation and performances continuous improvement.

Since 1998 Valances Consulting supports companies in managing their major projects for innovation and tranformation.

Our mission is to help the top managers to translate their strategic vision of business excellence in operational action plans, focused on measurable goals and specific deliverables.

We assist leaders in managing their projects during the entire project life cycle, from the scope study to the final integration of the deliverables in the use environment.

The challenge of any project is to manage changes while ensuring service continuity

Our services cover the management topics involved in any transverse and unifying project :

projects planning and monitoring, focusing on strategic challenges and top priorities of the company

managing the organizational changes caused by the integration of the project deliverables in the use environment

achieving the informational and operational adaptations required by the innovations and transformations implementation (IT alignments, processes and skills evolutions)

achieving the performance continuous improvement in order to capitalize on the value benefits of the project

Our strengths to serve your project of business excellence

Our added values :
√ A recognized expertise in managing complex programs and projects,
√ Experienced consultants in design, development and implementation of changes,
√ A human-sized company synonymous with convenience and flexibility

● Our results are focused on :
√ meeting customer requirements t
√ ransfering the best practices among stakeholders.

● Our guarantee of quality :
√ A continuous update of our methods and quality procedures (ISO 9001:2000 since 2003)
√ Our commitments are clearly defined in our services agreement
√ Our firm is completely independent of suppliers and publishers